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Allan Ngare: Homa Bay man daring in the US army

August 31, 2018
Collins Ogutu
for Chams Media Digital

ATLANTA, GEORGIA- While filming the Daring Abroad series in April 2018, Alex Chamwada and the crew called for a cab in Atlanta.They intended to travel to various destinations of the city but what came up not only interrupted their program but also gave them an incredible story to tell. A young daring Kenyan, Martin Ngare, turned up in his car, ready to for work. What a coincidence!

Martin hails from Oyugis in Homabay County in the western party of Kenya. But he is now in the US for studies and to hustle. Even more interestingly, is the fact that Martin has a cousin, one Allan Ngare who against all the odds, works with the United States Army. He too, hails from Homabay County in Kenya.

And so one thing led to the other and Chams Media got in touch with Allan. To understand among other issues, just how he got into the US Army.

Allan Ngare: Homa Bay man daring in the US army 1

Allan Ngare also works as a truck driver in the US. PHOTO| CHAMS MEDIA

He turned up for the interview in a military car, under registration "US ARMY" an epitome that indeed this was a reality.

"I came to the US a couple of years ago courtesy of a Green card lottery which I won," Allan began the interview.

"And being a Green Card holder now means I'm a permanent citizen of the United States," Allan went on.

But how did he find himself in the army?

Being passionate about aeronautics, Allan said he confidently went to the US Airforce base to inquire how he could join them.

"I went to the Airforce base, spoke to a recruiter who looked into where my interest was (which was aircraft), he took me through the whole process and that's how it began," he revealed.

Apart from being in the army, Allan also does truck driving as a civilian job.

Watch his inspiring story in the video attached. His plans for the future and whether or not he would be coming back to Kenya.

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