Jazz Mistri began Daring Abroad from a young age. She went to Somerset England at the age of 15 to study. After two years she came back because she wanted to major in theater something her mother did not want for her. On arriving she changed her mind and pursued a career in entertainment and radio. She started out in capital fm, moved to hot 96 to even NTV and Citizen. However since she did not have any academic qualifications she decided to go to South Africa and get a post graduate degree. She found South Africa quite difficult and couldn't wait to come home. On graduating she came back home in 2016. She found it hard because the industry had changed. She now works for NRG as a producer and is keen on growing the industry here.

Justice, equality and freedom for all. That was Madiba's dream. This show looks at Madiba's legacy through the eyes of those he inspired.

Dr. Johstone Miheso is a Kenyan returnee from the UK. He is a urogynecologist and assistant professor at the Aga Khan University hospital, Nairobi. He worked in the UK for 10 years from 2002 to 2012.

The governments of Kenya and the UK are set to co-host the first ever Global Disability Summit that will take place in London at the Olympic Park Stadium on the 24th of July 2018. Ahead of that summit, we bring you a precursor show on the significance of the summit and the expectations.

LONDON- Different policies and programs were in July 2018 launched during the Global Disability Summit going down at the Olympic Park in London to help champion the rights and privileges of Persons with Disability. 

Speaking at the time, British Secretary of State for International Development Penny Mordaunt said this is the time the world must rise up to support Persons with Disabilities and the most vulnerable in the society.

“For too long, people with disabilities in the world’s poorest countries have not been able to fulfil their potential due to stigma or lack of practical support. Today, we give focus to this long neglected area,” Penny Mordaunt said.

Adding that, “This event is about all of us working together, sharing ideas and good practice to ensure that as we work towards a more prosperous world no one is left behind.”

The Global Disability Summit was organised in order to identify gaps and challenges facing Persons with Disabilities and steps various countries are taking to combat such challenges.

The UK government together with the Kenyan government have committed to seeing Persons with Disability have a better life going forward.

Policies, programs launched to support Persons with Disability 1

Ukur Yattani, CS Ministry of Labour and Social Protection speaking at the First Global Disability Summit in London. Photo: CHAMS Media.

“We will launch ‘AT Scale’, a partnership for assistive technology (with partners such as USAID, WHO, UNICEF and GDI Hub) to transform access and affordability for life-changing Assistive Technology (AT) such as wheelchairs, prosthetics, hearing aids and glasses,” Penny Mordaunt added.

The Kenyan delegation led by Cabinet Secretary for Labour and Social Protection Ukur Yatani also pledged the country’s commitment towards leaving no one behind.

“Kenya government has signed and ratified international instruments of law pertaining to education for all including children with disabilities and Special Education Needs,” Yatani said.

The Summit is co-hosted by governments of Kenya and the United Kingdom alongside the Global Disability Alliance.

Johana Kariankei is a long distance runner based in Canada. In this show, find out what he is already doing and planning to do back in his home town of Kipangas Narok.

On this show we look at how Kenya is protecting vulnerable children. We also look at child adoption and the role that children's homes play in ensuring the safety and protection of children.

He left the country in August 1993 after he got admitted to the Golden Gate University in San Francisco California for an MBA. In 2006, he made a decision to come back home to assist Kenyans in diaspora invest back here. Kihanya's Company, Manyatta Capital, is located in All African Churches Conference along Waiyaki Way. You can reach him on +254719111191, website manyatta4U.com

On this show, the role of Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies abroad in channeling investments from the diaspora to Kenya. We bring you highlights of the Kenya USA Diaspora SACCO meeting that took place in Seattle city, Washington state, on the west coast of the US.

Dr Anthony Kinyanjui left the country in 2012 for Stockholm Sweden. He came back in 2014 a qualified medical doctor. Here is his story.

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