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Captain Tom Rege: Kenyan flight instructor daring the American skies

September 19, 2018
Collins Ogutu
for Chams Media Digital

VIRGINIA, USA- Chams Media takes you on a journey to Virginia where we meet Captain Tom Rege. He is a Kenyan flight instructor who has proved to everyone how it is indeed true, that one can be anything he wishes to become.

This journey began with a lot of planning that took months but later materialized. We flew to the United States to meet this daring Kenyan at the Leesburg Executive Airport which was then snowing. 

At first, it was impossible to fly and Captain Rege drove us to a hangar where another similar craft is parked so we could learn a thing or two. 

Leesburg airport is owned by the County of Leesburg in Virginia State and does not involve commercial aircrafts.  One of the main features of this aircraft is that it has an inbuilt parachute to help the plane land safely even during emergencies. It is a four seater whose current price is about Ksh. 65million.  

So who is Tom Rege?

He is a 47-year-old Kenyan who has lived in the USA for 41 years. He is the son of the former Member of Parliament for Karachuonyo Constituency, Homabay County (2007-2013), Engineer James Rege.

He developed the dream to fly when he was a kid. He had been flying with his parents across the Atlantic Ocean when the pilot invited him to the cockpit and that immediately triggered his love for planes.

What he does... 

Tom has a foundation that supports programs and outreach in aviation for women and minorities. Apart from that, he is the director for Flight Training for Open Air where as a certified plane instructor; he trains people on becoming pilots.

His foundation gives grants to women and minorities who wish to become instruments in aviation.

How did he get there?

Captain Tom said he grew from career to career where eventually, as he worked at the Dotcom Space,  he was also learning to fly. Afterwards, he made up his mind to take up flying fulltime because he was aggressive. 

"Be aggressive, be focused and look out for opportunities out there out there," Captain Tom Rege advises young people who wish to make a name out of themselves.

After a short while waiting and conversing with the Rege family including Tom, his twin and his mother who was visiting for Christmas, we were informed that the weather was back to normal and they could finally fly!

Indeed, we are in a global village!

Watch Captain Rege's interview in the video attached.

Lavender Amunga also contributed to this review. 

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