Have you ever visited Bethlehem? What was your experience?

In the video attached, we show you some of the most amazing parts of Bethlehem and what tradition says about the city.

Bethlehem is mostly known to be the place where Jesus Christ was born.

According to tradition, St John Ba Harim is also the place where John the Baptist was born.

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt. It is a city that never sleeps even in the night.

Ever been to Cairo at night? Here is a clip we captured while touring the city at night.


Enjoy the great view of Shandarani beach as captured by our great team while on the road in Mauritius.

TURKANA COUNTY- Lodwar town is the capital of Turkana County.

The County hosts about 48,316 people and it also the home of Lake Turkana, which is the largest desert lake in the world.

We visited the town and captured its hidden beauty in the sights and sounds attached.

PARIS- France is one of the most visited countries in the world due to her numerous tourist attraction sites that include the Effel Towers.

Many people believe that they know so much about this country and the capital Paris.

So we visited the city to find out some weird but interesting facts about France as a country. Find out what we discovered in the video attached.

KINSHASA- The Democratic Republic of Congo has advanced its traffic control system to the use of robots.

The robots were launched in 2013 in the country's capital and have improved traffic control in the city center.

The traffic robots were invented by Herese Isavi, a Congolese female engineer.

We visited the city and captured the robots in action as seen in the video attached.


Accra is the capital city of Ghana. But it is the second most populous city after Kumasi.

Accra is the economic hub for the Greater Accra Region of Ghana and is made up of 10 districts.

Chams Media toured the City and captured the most beautiful scenery.

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Lome is the capital City of Togo.

It is also the country's administrative and industrial center.

We visited the city and captured the most amazing scenery there.

Watch it via the video attached. And share the fun.


What you need to know

Corner Brook is a city located on the West Coast of the Island of Newfoundland, Canada.

It is also located at the mouth of Number River.

Corner Brook is a service center for Western and Northern Newfoundland.

It is home to the Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Mill owned by Kruger Inc.

We toured the city and captured scenery in the video attached.

Facts about River Nzoia

River Nzoia is one of the longest rivers in the country.

Its water is used for irrigation purposes in Western Kenya, especially the lowlands of Budalangi.

River Nzoia also flows south, then west into Lake Victoria near Port Victoria.

Watch the video attached as our drones captured the flow of River Nzoia from above.

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