Chams Media Launches New Show on Kameme TV

December 2, 2022
for Chams Media Digital

We are delighted to announce that we have launched a new vernacular TV show known as Kuigereka Ruraya that will be airing on Mediamax Networks’ Kameme TV.
The new show will be featuring Kenyans living and working abroad but also showcase those that had lived abroad but are now back investing Kenya.
Kuigereka Ruraya premieres this at 7.30pm this Sunday 4th December 2022 and will be hosted by our new talent, Wanjiru wa Mwaura.

Chams Media Launches New Show on Kameme TV 1

It is a 12-minute show with one break in between. Kuigereka Ruraya is a production of Chams Media Limited. It will be informative, inspiring and enentertaining.


We welcome you on board!

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