Chams Media Renews Partnership with NMG for ‘Daring Abroad’

October 1, 2021
Collins Ogutu
for Chams Media Digital

NAIROBI, KENYA - Chams Media is delighted to renew its partnership with Nation Media Group that will see the ‘Daring Abroad’ show air on NTV Kenya for another year. 

The partnership was first penned at the most unlikely period in the wake of the Covid19 pandemic in 2020.  

The backbone of this relationship is the popular and unmatched Daring Abroad series that features Kenyans who have ventured abroad and other nationalities. The show has grown in leaps and bounds both on TV and online. We have a captive audience across the world. An audience that wants inspiration, information and entertainment away from the normal content. 

The show is not just about what Kenyans are doing abroad or Majuu as some would say. It has evolved to showcase linkages between abroad and home. We have showcased captivating stories about skills and knowledge transfer as well as investment opportunities abroad and back home.

According to the Central Bank of Kenya, Kenyans living abroad sent home about a 300billion Kenya shillings in the year 2020 despite the covid19 pandemic. That sends a strong message that indeed the diaspora means a lot to Kenya. That cash goes a long way in transforming livelihoods back home. In this partnership, we have also collaborated very well in news content sharing which the NTV Kenya editorial can attest to.  

This partnership has taught us that content is king. It has also taught us that content is business. We have also learnt that there is a growing audience that wants inspiration. Through Daring Abroad, we have taken our views around the world from the comfort of their living rooms or at the click of a button. From London to Goma City in DRC, Accra to Dubai, Arusha to Seychelles to name a few. 

As we enter the second phase of the series, covering another one year journey, we promise to make the show even more entertaining, informative and inspiring. We are rebranding our local segment in the show to BACK HOME – A segment that seeks to reconnect Kenyans living abroad with their motherland.

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