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Why about 40,000 people attended this year's Africa Food Festival

October 4, 2018
Collins Ogutu
for Chams Media Digital

Since October 2013, the Delicious International Food and Music Festival has become a popular and calendar favorite event where people from different parts of the African continent gather to share their different culinary skills and to feel the taste of each country, literally.

Why about 40,000 people attended this year's Africa Food Festival 1

Organizers tip Kenya to host the next delicious event. PHOTO| COURTESY

The event also offers great opportunities to celebrated African entertainment gurus to showcase their music and share with other artists across the continent. Signature dishes are exhibited at various pop-up restaurants and this year's edition was held at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit in Gauteng Province.

South Africa has hosted the event since its inception five years ago and in September this year, the mega event attracted about 40,000 people who thronged the venue to share their passion.

Chams Media team was in Johannesburg to feel the experience and find out why this event is revered so much so that people would spend more Sh.7000 for one ticket.

Why about 40,000 people attended this year's Africa Food Festival 2

The event offered an opportunity for people to enjoy delicacies from different countries. PHOTO| COURTESY

The main ingredients for the Delicious international food and music festival include local artists on the main stage, international and local chefs featured in the various pop-up restaurants and cooking theatres, channel and brand activation.

This week's The Chamwada Report show pitches camp in Johannesburg to finds out why this event is so important, why so many people attended it and the possibility of hosting it in Kenya in 2019.

Liz Ogumbo, a Kenyan-born songwriter in South Africa says the event is worth attending by artists hoping to interact and share valuable ideas it others across Africa.

"I really encourage those who are able to come, especially Africans, unless you cannot afford it but if you can, expose yourself and experience the world," she said.

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