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Company statement on Daring Abroad and The Chamwada Report

March 29, 2020
Collins Ogutu
for Chams Media Digital



This is to let our viewers know that our productions, The Chamwada Report, a current affairs show on development issues and Daring Abroad, a series featuring Kenyans living abroad will not be airing on KTN with effect from 1st April 2020. We will inform you about our next destination in due course.

You can, however, continue watching the shows and other exclusive, inspiring and informative productions on CHAMS Media digital platforms including our YouTube channel which you can subscribe to for free.

CHAMS Media is a communication Consultancy firm with a wide range of communication services including video production and public relations. For details on what we do, kindly visit our website

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the Standard Group for a successful partnership that has run for over five years. Our appreciation also goes to our viewers in general. Many thanks too, to all our partners for your continued support.

The entire CHAMS Media team appreciates you all.  THANK YOU!



13 comments on “Company statement on Daring Abroad and The Chamwada Report”

  1. Your show was a perspective widener, we really looking forward for more coverage that you'll avail. To the entire team, Keep it up the good reporting and information sharing

  2. My fear was announcement of the discontinuation of the shows. Glad that the two shows live on. Moving platforms and media houses is a normal thing in this industry and it's a sign of growth. All the best Chams Media.

  3. The Chamwada report is just magnificent! You keep doing what you're doing and am praying for you. Wherever you go, please don't stop informing us on matters society. 'The sky has never been the limit'

  4. Thanks, but leave KTN? We urge the station to continue working hard and retain our favourite programs eg. Mshamba, Daktari namwongeze zaidi, leave alone Darling abroad for businesses for the rich abroad.

  5. The show was a major eye opener....very informative, incisive stories and good connection with practical issues.Looking forward to more engagements with your content.

  6. It was great honour being hosted on Daring Abroad. Thanks to the entire, very professional team. And Yes! I am still Daring Abroad, this time helping support the COVID-19 response here in Mali.

  7. Wow Alex.... You brought the world our there to us at home. And the experiences shared have been eye opening, enlightening us on life across the border. Keep it there as the world becomes borderless ....the global village.

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