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Drone regulations in Kenya: What experts, stakeholders say

August 9, 2018
Collins Ogutu
for Chams Media Digital

A drone, also known as remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) is an unmanned aerial system which has propellers or fixed wings or both.

Drones have become commonly used equipment in various sectors in Kenya, from and the usage has now attracted the attention of Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, the body mandated to control the movement of aircraft in the country's airspace. 

KCAA wants drone usage in Kenya regulated through a number of policies that include registration of persons owning and using drones, licensing and suspension of illegal or unregistered users. 

But the regulations hit a dead end when the National Assembly through the delegated committee on legislation rejected the proposals in May 2018 citing lack of compliance with the constitution and the parent act.  

On the other hand, drone users in Kenya say the government needs to come up with practical regulations that are not punitive.

The standoff, therefore, leaves both the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority and stakeholders in limbo going forward. So how will these hiatus be fixed?

Is it illegal now to own and use a drone in Kenya?  

And with the regulations rejected,  what awaits importers and operators of drones in the country? And how does drone usage in Kenya compare to other countries? 

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