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Exclusive: New Kenyan ambassador to Botswana talks relationship and business

October 26, 2018
Lavender Amunga
for Chams Media Digital

Like in every other country, Botswana has plans and visions set aside for its betterment in the near future. This is a small developing country, with a population of only about 2.5 million people. Still, this does not stop Ambassador Mohamed Shidiye, the new Kenya High Commissioner to Botswana from having great visions for the country.

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While on a trip in Botswana, Chams Media team led by Alex Chamwada team sought to find out what Ambassador Mohamed Shidiye had to say. He explains that Kenya’s relationship with Botswana has been very cordial and for that reason, his vision is to maintain that relationship and to spur economic growth.

Exclusive: New Kenyan ambassador to Botswana talks relationship and business 1

Ambassador Mohamed Shidiye, New Kenya High Commissioner to Botswana

He adds that there have been so many Kenyans residing in Botswana with different forms of livelihood.

Thanks to them, both Kenya and Botswana’s economies have grown. By the end of the day, he explains that diaspora money is really a key factor in developing Kenya’s economy and thus should greatly be supported.

Kenya has been known to always go for bench-marking in various countries including Botswana.

The ambassador says, “We are learning through the African way of doing things and so bench-marking from our neighbors is important.”

As for trade between Kenya and Botswana, there is not much that has been done. However much they trade together, there is still so much to be done.

So much however is being planned such as the voting process in which Kenyans will be allowed to vote by 2022 even while staying in Botswana. Also, the application for the e-passport is underway where Kenyans will not have to travel back home in order to apply.

There exist a lot of goals underway to ensure Kenya and Botswana grow together. Let us keep on believing in our country, Kenya so that it may improve in whatever way possible.

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