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Godfrey Kamatu: Kenyan entrepreneur daring in South Africa

September 1, 2018
Collins Ogutu
for Chams Media Digital

JOHANNESBURG- In our premiere episode of Daring Abroad- African edition, we feature Godfrey Kamatu.  A thriving Kenyan entrepreneur who has made a name for himself running a tours and travel business in the South Africa's capital city, Johannesburg.

Godfrey first went to South Africa as a visitor in 2002 through an invitation by a friend while on another visit to Namibia.

And seemingly,  he loved it and would later resolve to relocate to South Africa to first look for a job and later start a business in an environment he considered friendly.  

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"Business environment in South Africa has been enabling for entrepreneurs and that's why it was easier for me to penetrate," Kamatu told Daring Abroad's Elijah Mwangi.

Fast forward to 2007 and One World Tours and Travels Company was founded purposely to serve the rising needs of Kenyans and other nationalities traveling to Johannesburg. 

"I saw a need in the people looking for transport and accommodation while in Johannesburg," Kamatu added.

But running the business was not entirely smooth as Kamatu would find himself rubbing shoulders with authorities over employment issues.

Find out how he manoeuvred the industry and what he has learnt through the years in the video attached.

The show aired on both KTN News and KTN Home channels Saturday.

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