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Kenyan student daring abroad opens community library

August 22, 2018
Collins Ogutu
for Chams Media Digital

KAJIADO COUNTY- Michael Kitimet, a Kenyan student studying Economics and Mathematics at the University of Richmond in Virginia, USA, whom we featured on our Daring Abroad series in May this year, has come back home on holiday with an aim of giving back to the society.

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On Tuesday, Kitimet launched a newly constructed library at a school of his choice, Ol Teyani Primary in Kiserian, Kajiado County.

Kenyan student daring abroad opens community library 1

A section of Ol Teyani Primary School pupils enjoying the new facility in their school. PHOTO| EMMANUEL YEGON

He said the facility can accommodate up to 50 pupils at ago and will go a long way to help the learners in both intensive and extensive reading.

"Pupils from this area tend to be marginalized and lack resources so my wish was for them to have equal opportunities for them to be able to compete when it comes to jobs and other opportunities in life," Kitimet said.

Kenyan student daring abroad opens community library 2

Michael Kitimet shares the motivation behind constructing the new library with Chams Media CEO and Daring Abroad presenter, Alex Chamwada. PHOTO| EMMANUEL YEGON

Kitimet hopes to help create a conducive environment for young learners by offering learning materials to the best of his ability.

"This library is going to enhance their capabilities so that when they get opportunities they are able to compete with their peers," he added.

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Kenyan student daring abroad opens community library 3

Locals gathered outside during the launch and official opening of the library on Tuesday. PHOTO| EMMANUEL YEGON

Michael Kitimet was the best male student in Kajiado County in 2013 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education thereby landing him a scholarship to study in the United States, all thanks to Equity Leaders Program.

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