How farmers in Vihiga County residents tackle fertilizer-related challenges

August 23, 2018
Collins Ogutu
for Chams Media Digital

VIHIGA COUNTY- Misuse of fertilisers coupled with lack of information and unavailability of the input has been a constant threat to farmers across the country.  Often times farmers use wrong fertilisers on wrong soil or just put way too much quantity on small pieces of land.

It is an issue that has affected crop production in various parts of the country and while the fight to get things right intensifies, the issue never fades off.

But in Vihiga County, the fight against fake fertilisers and to educate farmers on the same has gone a notch higher.

Planting Time Vihiga County

Planting time! Farmers take to the farm in Vihiga County with new ideas. PHOTO| CHAMS MEDIA

The county government decided to work with Export Trading Group, a fertilizer blending company based in Mombasa to provide tailor-made fertiliser which was used for the first time this year during the first planting season of the year.

Locals say it is a step that has improved farms yields.

How farmers in Vihiga County residents tackle fertilizer-related challenges 1

The yields have improved since the inception of new ideas and techniques of fertilizer usage in the area. PHOTO| CHAMS MEDIA

Chams Media's Alex Chamwada visited Vihiga County to find out how this is happening, its impact and what the farmers and County government officials say about it. Watch the informative show on the video attached.

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