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Hydroponic farming: How to grow crops without using soil

September 25, 2018
Collins Ogutu
for Chams Media Digital

Hydroponic farming refers to the technique of growing any plant without implanting it in soil. However much this method of farming has been in existence for a while now, many people still are not aware of this new development.

In June this year, The Chamwada Report took you through the whole process of hydroponic farming.This was after hydroponic farming was featured on Daring Abroad and thereafter receiving a huge demand from the public about more information on the same.

At the Kabete Rehabilitation School, it has become appallingly obvious that technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination. The youth here have been inspired to participating in hydroponic farming, and this is exactly what could transform their lives.

Moses Aswani, the Extension officer at Miramar College explained to the Chams Media team that they had students who underwent training at the college and thereafter had to come up with their own farms. This way they are rated based on how they plant and eventually harvest to prove that they understood the training they were given.

Miramar International College located in Muthiga off Waiyaki way in Kikuyu Constituency, Kiambu County is the college that has transferred the practice to Kabete Rehabilitation School among other beneficiaries. They explained in detail what hydroponic farming is all about. Whereas everyone else knows the key elements to germination are air, water and warmth, the scientists at Miramar have proven that pumis (volcanic rocks) or granite can still lead to germination. Because different plants require different nutrients, they have learnt to come up with specific nutrients for each and every of their plants.

African Hydroponic Ltd is one of the companies that provides hydroponic systems and solutions to producers of hydroponic crops. Chris Mukindia, is the company’s managing director.

“When people use the soil for a long time, it can get contaminated by diseases or accumulate pathogens which are not conducive for production,” Chris said. “So they are forced to go into hydroponics.”

Collins Kibet, a graduant of Miramar International College now residing in Kiambururu in Kiambu County practices what he gained while in college. He manages a private farm of an investor who has ventured into the hydroponic farming business. Apart from that, he has opened up various firms that venture in hydroponics including a hydroponics consultancy firm. He says, he hopes to grow and set up even more farms all over the region.

Setting up a hydroponic system may be costly but very much effective and manageable. If well managed, this may become a boost in Kenya’s economy, tomorrow.


Lavender Amunga contribute to this article. 

One comment on “Hydroponic farming: How to grow crops without using soil”

  1. I saw your video on YouTube (Chams Media) recently and was an eye-opener. I've always wanted to enter into Agribusiness but just don't know how. I decided to take my time to research different methods of farming and I stumbled upon hydroponics in 2016. I didn't take any step since then but I am now ready to go for it.

    In this video, there is a guy called Collins Kibet from Kiambururu (if I got it right), a graduate from your school and runs a consultancy firm.

    I'd like to engage his services. Could you please share his contacts.

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