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Must Watch: Access to Justice for victims of SGBV and PWD

April 9, 2019
Lavender Amunga
for Chams Media Digital

Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) is an everyday occurrence; it exists within family units, communities, and sadly, not so much is done to curb this heinous act. Many vulnerable victims, including women and girls from violence prone communities and people with disabilities have gone through this ordeal, and most of these cases end up non-resolved. This week on The Chamwada Report, Chams media focuses on the need for SGBV survivors to access justice and support from all across; in consideration to an organisation that has taken initiative to walk with these survivors of SGBV through their pain and trauma, recovery journey and in their quest to access justice.

Must Watch: Access to Justice for victims of SGBV and PWD 1

COVAW holding a legal awareness forum in Kisumu at the Manyatta Social Hall

Enhancing access to justice for the victims requires a concerted effort and the Coalition on Violence Against Women is one of the organisations championing accountability and justice for victims of Sexual and Gender Based Violence. So far, COVAW has litigated on 11 matters in Nairobi, Kitui, Nyeri, Laikipia and Kiambu counties, with 3 cases still pending before court. The organization is documenting and providing response to survivors of sexual violence (SV) under a project known as Access to Justice and Women's Rights (AJWR).

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From psychologists and counselors, to pro bono lawyers and community legal awareness forums, COVAW is on the front line in ensuring these survivors eventually have Access to Justice. It is quite unfortunate that within our societies, vulnerable women and girls including people with intellectual challenges are being sexually violated. Thanks to institutional challenges such as lack of support from police, or gaps within the legal systems or even poor health facilities and/or services, these victims find it hard to access justice and are forced to move on with their pain and trauma. Yet this should not be the case.

Must Watch: Access to Justice for victims of SGBV and PWD 2

Find out about this and more tonight on The Chamwada Report on KTN News at 8:3opm.

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