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Resilient Kenyan filmmakers on what it takes to produce an award-winning film

October 20, 2018
Lavender Amunga
for Chams Media Digital

Over the years, Kenya has been identified as a hotbed of talent and innovation and this has been confirmed to be true from all the developments and achievements that the country has made. Among these achievements is the growth within the film industry.

Needless to say, Kenyans nowadays are frequenting the cinemas for a taste of local creations made by resilient filmmakers.

The industry has a buzz around it, with new content being developed each and every single day, a clear indication that the country is developing rapidly.

The Chamwada Report focused on resilient filmmakers in Kenya today. Considering that it is the Kalasha International awards season, this show could not come at a better time.

On 1st September this year, Kenyan filmmakers bagged six awards out of the 8 categories they had been nominated for at the Africa’s biggest Film stage ‘Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA)’ in Nigeria.

Resilient Kenyan filmmakers on what it takes to produce an award-winning film 1

Dennis Maina, Film producer, 'The Flesh Business'

Dennis Maina is one of the filmmakers who scooped an award for the category of Best Documentary award for his documentary ‘The Flesh Business.’

He explains that his story was motivated by the plight that women are faced with that leads to them opting to sell their bodies. Thanks to his story, the women featured even went back to school and stopped what they had been indulging in.

Phoebe Ruguru is yet another producer of a film that won three awards during the AMVCA i.e. 1800hrs.  Thanks to an inspiration that Kevin Njue, their playwright, had, they made the film come to life. The film took the market by storm as it related to what a common Kenyan citizen can go through.

What all these film makers agree is that for the film industry to grow, several policies must be adhered to. In order to come up with a film, there exists challenges that all these filmmakers agree they have been faced with. Albert Kimani, former actor of Tahidi High agrees that before, the pay was meager.

However, there have been strides within the industry and thus as at now, people are earning huge sums of money thanks to the film industry.

Resilient Kenyan filmmakers on what it takes to produce an award-winning film 2

Phoebe Ruguru, Film producer, Rocque pictures

All these film makers explain that there indeed is potential within the industry.  However, why would they believe that the government is holding them back?

KFCB chief executive Dr. Ezekiel Mutua who has been at the centre of shaping the Kenyan film industry says that what is killing the industry is simple: 'multiplicity of licenses.'

Resilient Kenyan filmmakers on what it takes to produce an award-winning film 3

Dr Ezekiel Mutua, CEO, KFCB

However, it is clear that the future of the film industry is not bleak. As long as the private and public sector invest in the industry, then the value in so doing will be noticed.

Still in the spirit of promoting film industry in Kenya, Alex Chamwada, the CEO of Chams Media, was nominated for the category of Best Host in a TV show during the Kalasha Film and TV awards.  The story that made him get nominated is the story on Drone Regulation in Kenya.

Knowing that you, our viewers, always look forward to watching his shows i.e. The Chamwada Report and Daring Abroad, this is the time to support him.

To vote click on the link:

That being said, let us support the film industry by watching our local content!

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