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Review: Inside the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the role of global media

February 1, 2019
Collins Ogutu
for Chams Media Digital

ISTANBUL, TURKEY- This week on The Chamwada Report, we sought to dig deep into the Israeli-Palestine war that has been going on for decades and counting. The genesis of these findings was a media conference which was held in Turkey's capital, Istanbul, late last year.

The conference, whose theme was to focus on the future of Palestine in global media, brought together journalists (including Chams Media's Elijah Mwangi), leaders and other stakeholders from across the world, to identify the challenges that media faces in covering the civil war pitting Israel and Palestine.

To identify the loopholes and or biasness in coverage and ultimately, to address the most modest way through which to disseminate the right information to the world. Nothing but the truth. But why is there war in the first place?

Historian Saleh Halewani told Chams Media that the war is between two factions who accuse themselves of invading one another's land.

"The Palestinians considered the Jews who came here as emigrants, as people who took their land and are trying to kick them out of here," said Halewani.  "It goes back to Abraham, when God promised this land to Abraham," he added.

You will remember that the  Israeli and Arab Palestinians have been fighting for a long time now and the major bone of contention is nothing short of history between the two countries.

The Jewish people settled in Palestine, a country they considered their own home but little did they know that this would rub the Arab inhabitants the wrong way. And they would not take it lying down.

So what exactly is this war and why has it been going on? And can the global media play a role in  stopping the war?

Watch the full story in the video attached.

And here are some of the responses from our viewers...

Israeli Palestinian conflict can only be resolved by Israelis and Palestinians. 2 states living side by side would be an amicable solution.
Mandere George
So all government offices to relocate from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem....
Imhotep Genius
Completely outrageous. How can you as an african, albeit a low iq one, support european colonial settler state in north africa? In case you didn't know...there is nothing like the "middle east" its north africa. Those racist fake jews there have the highest skin cancer rates because their native land is poland and not africa....its a real shame slaves like you "alex" have influence in society...
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Ouma Ernest
Imhotep Genius what great achievement/discovery have you made to place your IQ above ours we blacks?
Imhotep Genius
@Ouma Ernest my friend the fact that you have a european name placed prominently in front of your own ancestral name shows how stupid you africans are....shamelessly proud of being slaves...thats why all other humans on earth despise you idiots


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