Your Excellency Josphat Koli Nanok, Governor of Turkana, David Juma, Deputy County Commissioner Turkana, James Ikienyi MCA Kanamkemer Ward, Rev Simon Loote, all protocols observed.

Today is a historic day in our journey to position ourselves right in the heart of the cradle of mankind as we launch our first ever regional office away from Nairobi.

It gives me great pleasure to invite you all to this launch that sends a signal that Turkana county and the entire region are ripe for investment. Your presence is a clear statement of your confidence in Chams Media work.

We are not new in Turkana, for we have produced and aired several eye-catching, inspiration, informative and engaging features about the county, away from the normal news narrative that tends to concentrate on problems. For us, opening this office is a step further in our vision to position ourselves in this region that has many positive untold stories. We will traverse the entire North Rift region whose population is about 10 million. The region is goldmine of interesting stories in various sectors including trade, tourism, environment, agriculture, culture, sports and peace building.

Our aim is turn our lenses on the entire eight counties of the region, namely, Turkana, Samburu, West Pokot, Elgeyo Marakwet, Uasin Gishu, Nandi and Baringo.

Devolution has brought visible social economic transformation in the so called marginalized areas of Kenya. Why not devolve content creation too?

You can find our content on our digital platforms including Chams Media TV YouTube channel. We produce documentaries, features, infomercials and commercials.

We are ready to partner with government entities, NGOs, religious organizations, media organizations and the private sector at large to produce and distribute content that transforms lives.

We have the state of the art technology and a competent team in Lodwar which will be supported by the team at our headquarters in Nairobi.

We also aim to contribute to promotion of talent in the region. Indeed it is already happening. We have nurtured local talent in various fields from videography to research, scripting and reporting.

Let’s grow together!

Thank you!

NAIROBIChams Media in partnership with Co-operative Bank of Kenya on Tuesday, March 16th at 6.45 pm launched a new weekly show on Nation Media Group's NTV Kenya.

The show titled Ushirika is a 10-minute docu-series that features trends in Kenya's cooperative movement.

The premiere show was about 2NK, a registered Matatu Savings and Credit Cooperative Society whose members have benefitted from the support of Co-operative Bank of Kenya.

Speaking about the new show, Chams Media chief executive officer Alex Chamwada said the partnership is yet another huge step forward for the Company.

"This is yet another game-changer as we continue to produce more development-oriented content," he said.

The series will also highlight the role of Co-operative Bank of Kenya in cooperative movement.

According to the National Transport and Safety Authority, NTSA, there were over 700 registered Matatu Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies as of Mid-March 2021.

Statistics from Matatu Owners Association indicate that matatus in Kenya move about seven million passengers daily, and has a turnover of about 300 billion shillings per annum.

The law demands that all matatus be operated under a Sacco or a limited company. Matatus in the country employing over thousands of drivers besides many others who have been employed in the sector.

Of the 700 registered Matatu Saccos, over 500, including 2NK, bank with Cooperative Bank of Kenya.

Chams Media has over the years made a name as the go-to media Company for production of informative, inspiring documentaries and feature stories.

According to head of production Justus Ndichu, this is just the beginning.

“We are excited to keep producing shows that Kenyans can learn from, we are happy to contribute to the socio-economic development of this country, and Ushirika is just but another step in our journey of producing transformational content, and we are proud to make it,” he said.

Season one of Ushirika will air for 13 weeks.

Chams Media's Daring Abroad show also runs on NTV Kenya.


Here’s the link to episode one; https://bit.ly/3eMQJJA

LUTON, ENGLAND- The Daring Abroad UK edition continued last week as we featured another Kenyan entrepreneur who has gone an extra mile to establish a shipping business in Luton Town, England.

Morris Njuguna went to the United Kingdom in 2003, a year after he graduated from the University of Nairobi with a degree in Economics and Social Studies. Ideally, he flew to the UK to further his studies, and that ambition gave birth to Kenya Exports Limited.

Also on Daring Abroad:

Like any other determined entrepreneur, Morris juggled studies, hustle and distractions with an aim of making ends meet, quite literally. And despite being holder of a Masters Degree in Accounting, he still had to fight lack of opportunities and ended up losing the war thus resorting to business.

Kenya Exports Limited helps Kenyans abroad transport goods back home. PHOTO| COURTESY

"By 2007 , I came out with a Masters and in 2008 I was working on projects.. later on found out I  had nothing to do that is why I went into business," tells Daring Abroad.

His small savings helped him put his fast foot forward to start the Kenya Exports Limited company that helps Kenyans in the UK and other parts of the wold in shipping their goods to Kenya.

"Kenya Exports Limited offers solutions to Kenyans who live in the UK or who live anywhere in the world and would like to ship anything from UK to Kenya," Njuguna further narrates.

Adding that, "We handle all the preparations, inspection, booking of containers or airline, space and we ship them to Kenya."

With his  background in economics and further experience from Shiefiled Hallam University where he studied accounting, Morris Njuguna narrates to Daring Abroad the factors to consider when starting a business, cost implications and what to do when things seem to be going south in business.

"When I started this business I was in London, I used to live in one bedroom flat, that is where I started my business," he says.

"I looked for storage, with time family grew, we were constantly looking for somewhere knowing how London is I had to look for somewhere else for parking place for my business, looking was suiting me better, space and cost."

He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of CHAMS Media Limited, an independent content provider based in Nairobi, Kenya. He has over the years grown and made a name for himself having over 20 years of experience in television production and reporting. He is a force to reckon!

Alex Chamwada is a household name; a name identified by his shows on Kenya Television Network (KTN) namely Daring Abroad and The Chamwada Report. He has mentored many, inspired a majority and motivated so many youth who aspire to be like him. His hard work has borne fruit on many occasions since Alex is a holder of Order of the Grand Warrior (OGW) state honor.  He is also a fellow of the CNN International Professional Program. He is a food security fellow of the Oklahoma State University, following a study tour that was sponsored by the U.S. State Department in 2011 under the Feed the Future Initiative.

More so, Alex Chamwada is the 2016 TV Environmental Journalist in the Media Council of Kenya Annual Journalism Excellence Awards (AJEA). He is also the Social Media Personality of the Year 2016, OLX Social Media Awards.  In 2013, Alex was crowned by the African Media Initiative as runners-up in Africa’s most prestigious award on food security reporting for his compelling features on large scale farming in Somalia.

And that is not all. Alex Chamwada has this year, 2018, been nominated in the Kalasha International Awards for the category of the Best Host in a TV show. Remember, Kalasha Film and TV Awards is an initiative of the Kenya Film Commission that seeks to recognize talent in the different facets of Film and TV industry. Central to the Commission’s mandate is the promotion of a vibrant local film industry. Through the establishment of a fair and democratic set of regulations for the Awards, the Commission is continuously boosting a vibrant local scene by encouraging healthy competition amongst film makers. This ensures higher levels of good practice within the industry.


The selection process of more than 1000 submissions was carried out by a jury of experts consisting of stakeholders drawn from film industry associations, academics and industry professionals. Hence, it is agreeable that Alex Chamwada is the man to be voted for after being chosen among the 140 nominees in the 32 categories.

The story that made him be nominated is on Drone regulation in Kenya. Knowing this is one interesting story, it is quite true that he should win this award! The voting process commenced on the 17th October and is to end on the 10th November 2018.

To vote, click on the link below:


Let us support Alex Chamwada, the best host in a TV show, in winning this award that he so deserves!

Updated on Thursday, October 11th

Chams Media CEO and Daring Abroad presenter Alex Chamwada and cameraman Humphrey Odhiambo arrived in Gaborone Botswana on Wednesday, bringing to an end, a five-day-road trip that left tongues wagging.

The adventurous journey began from Nairobi on Saturday morning and will take five days including stop-overs in a number of African cities including Dodoma in Tanzania, Lusaka Zambia before reaching Gaborone.

An illustration of a the distance between Nairobi and Botswana. COURTESY OF Google.

So why did he travel to Botswana by road and not by air?

In the quest to tell a typical Daring Abroad story, the trip enabled Alex to closely follow the journey of a daring Kenyan entrepreneur, Joel Wachira, who has been plying the Nairobi to Gaborone route transporting goods not on the skies but by van. 

Alex Chamwada joins Joel Wachira for a meal after completing a five-day road trip to Botswana. PHOTO| COURTESY

It gave them a first hand experience of the time, resources, and challenges in such a trip and in  this type of business. 

This was not Alex's only road trip. He has been involved in similar trips to Kigali, Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Kampala and Entebbe. But it is his second trip to Botswana, the first one being in 2015 when he traveled there to tell the story of Willy Kathurima, a Kenyan entrepreneur involved in livestock farming and real estate business in Botswana.

The journey from Nairobi to Gaborone began on Saturday last week. PHOTO| CHAMS MEDIA

Willy Kathurima's story has since then become the most watched and read Daring Abroad feature at Chams Media.

Click here to read Willy Kathurima's story

Speaking to Chams Media Digital while on the road, Alex Chamwada said the touristic experience will also include another visit to Willy Kathurima's ranch, to find out if there are more ventures he is currently involved in.

From this trip readers and viewers of Daring Abroad should get the first hand experience of what it takes to transport goods on the road to two countries that are far apart.

We have arrived safely. We will be meeting our friend Kathurima the cattle farmer this Saturday. Remember George Onyancha too? #DaringAbroad ungekuwa kwa hii trip https://t.co/w0Vlmd4tC7

— AlexChamwada OGW (@AlexChamwada) October 11, 2018

Also on the show, you will hear from other Kenyans daring in various sectors in Botswana, including teachers, nurses and economists like Willy Kathurima.

Alex says there is quite a good number of Kenyans working in Botswana and have in a way contributed to building the economy of that country.

Botswana's currency is Pula and one Pula is equivalent to about 9.50 shillings according to the current rates.

NAIROBI- Are you a dog owner? Or do you naturally like dogs for pets and for other reasons? Or do you fear these animals? How conversant are you with proper care for dogs? Well,  this week on The Chamwada Report ,we pitch camp in Kawangware and Dagoretti areas of Nairobi -as case study regions with dogs. To find out more about dogs and how to treat and take good care of them. 

Dogs roam the street due to irresponsible ownership. PHOTO | CHAMS MEDIA

Dogs are friendly animals especially when treated well, given food and just like humans, they too neede medical attention.

Animal experts tell The Chamwada Report that most dogs roam the streets as a result of negligence from their owners. And this comes with risks as stray dogs often attack people not known to them.

Diana Onyango, the executive officer at the Kenya society for protection and care for animals, a charity organization that works on upholding the welfare of animals, says dog owners across the country need to take good care of their animals.

"These stray animals don't come from nowhere," she said.

"They end up in the streets as a result of irresponsible ownership."

Diana Onyango, an animal welfare expert says dogs too deserve humane treatment. PHOTO | CHAMS MED

There are risks associated with poor management of these animals. For instance, attacks if they feel threatened. Another risk which is mostly feared, is rabies, the virus caused by a bite from stray dogs.

Statistics from the animal welfare organization indicate that rabies cause about 59,000 deaths in the world every year with about 24000 of them happening in Africa.

With the population of nearly 100 million dogs in Africa expected to double by 2050, organizations tasked with improving the welfare of these animals are in a race against time to eliminate deaths resulting from rabies. To do that, about 70 per cent of the dog population in Kenya and the continent must be vaccinated.

In the show, vets share their knowledge on rabies, its dangers and why it literally kills within ten days after a bite.

#BetterLivesForDogs hosted by Alex Chamwada, aired Thursday on KTN News at 8:30pm.

Watch the informative show on the video attached.

You can join the conversation online using the hash tag #BetterLivesForDogs.

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