Your Excellency Josphat Koli Nanok, Governor of Turkana, David Juma, Deputy County Commissioner Turkana, James Ikienyi MCA Kanamkemer Ward, Rev Simon Loote, all protocols observed.

Today is a historic day in our journey to position ourselves right in the heart of the cradle of mankind as we launch our first ever regional office away from Nairobi.

It gives me great pleasure to invite you all to this launch that sends a signal that Turkana county and the entire region are ripe for investment. Your presence is a clear statement of your confidence in Chams Media work.

We are not new in Turkana, for we have produced and aired several eye-catching, inspiration, informative and engaging features about the county, away from the normal news narrative that tends to concentrate on problems. For us, opening this office is a step further in our vision to position ourselves in this region that has many positive untold stories. We will traverse the entire North Rift region whose population is about 10 million. The region is goldmine of interesting stories in various sectors including trade, tourism, environment, agriculture, culture, sports and peace building.

Our aim is turn our lenses on the entire eight counties of the region, namely, Turkana, Samburu, West Pokot, Elgeyo Marakwet, Uasin Gishu, Nandi and Baringo.

Devolution has brought visible social economic transformation in the so called marginalized areas of Kenya. Why not devolve content creation too?

You can find our content on our digital platforms including Chams Media TV YouTube channel. We produce documentaries, features, infomercials and commercials.

We are ready to partner with government entities, NGOs, religious organizations, media organizations and the private sector at large to produce and distribute content that transforms lives.

We have the state of the art technology and a competent team in Lodwar which will be supported by the team at our headquarters in Nairobi.

We also aim to contribute to promotion of talent in the region. Indeed it is already happening. We have nurtured local talent in various fields from videography to research, scripting and reporting.

Let’s grow together!

Thank you!

Chams Media led by founder and chief executive officer Alex Chamwada have marked a great milestone being part of the media team to cover the launch of the historical Kenya Airways nonstop flight from Nairobi to New York and back.

Part of the team will be aboard the Kenya Airways departing Jomo Kenyatta International Airport at 10.45pm EAT Sunday while another, led by photographer and producer, David Amateshe, is already in New York. Amateshe is alongside Kenya Civil Aviation Authority director general, Captain Gilbert Kibe and other dignitaries awaiting the landing of the Dreamliner 787-8 at the JF Kennedy Airport in New York on Monday.

Chams Media was founded in 2014 and has seen a tremendous growth catapulted by its quality independent production of unique, inspiring and informative content under the Chamwada Report and Daring Abroad shows which air on for KTN and KTN News Channels.

Prior to this historical flight, Alex Chamwada had through Chams Media, presented on KTN News channel, an in-depth preview of what the flight means for Kenya.

In the report, he had exclusive interviews with Kenya Airways CEO Sebastian Mikosz, KCAA director general Capt. Gilbert Kibe, Cabinet Secretary for tourism Najib Balala, among others as he also visited the Boeing headquarters in Seattle City, Washington State.

While aboard the plane on on ground at JF Kennedy, Chams Media will produce an exclusive in-depth analysis of the entire flight, economic impacts for both countries among other issues.

Click here to read more about Chams Media and the services offered.

This week we bring you the story of Moffat Andaji, a Kenyan daring in South Africa. Moffat if the CEO of Procet Freight, a shipping company in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Like many Kenyans who have gone abroad, Andaji’s story begins here at home. He was born and raised in Kakamega County. Before settling in South Africa, Moffat had tried his luck daring abroad in the USA and in Dubai.

Our team caught up with him in Johannesburg. He has been here for 24 years now since he relocated in 1994. Upon his arrival, he worked for Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Company under their airfreight department for a while, but unfortunately, the company was sold rendering him jobless.

However, he did not take this lying down and as fate would have it Moffat was inspired to establish his own freight company.

The skills he had acquired back home helped him secure his job and as he puts it, “Kenyans I think the training we receive is a bit superior. We look down upon it but I believe so and I think we are some of the most hardworking people in the world.”

Like in any other business, Andaji had a lot of challenges starting out but has been able to grow. Today, the company handles freight from different parts of the region.

One of the main enablers in his kind of trade is partnerships one of which is with Kenya Airways. “We are one of their major supporters and we do a lot with them especially into Africa where they are strong…so we’ve got a fantastic relationship with them” he says.

Moffat attributes his growth to the exposure he has received working in South Africa. He adds that the experience has helped build his character.

Here is his advice to Kenyans wishing to start businesses in the diaspora, “my advice is you do something in relation to what you went to school for it gives you an advantage”.

Catch his story this Saturday at 9:45pm on both @ktnnews and @ktnkenya channels with Michael tsimangi and Alex Chamwada . A ChamsMedia production for KTN News.


This story was written by Emmanuel Yegon for Chams Media Digital. 

LUWERO, UGANDA- If you were to dare abroad, what is the likelihood that it would be in farming? Very few persons in Kenya today think of going abroad to fully delve into large-scale farming. However, there is one unique farmer in Uganda who has beaten these odds.

Grace Sylvia Mwangi is a Kenyan entrepreneur who grew up in Solai and thereafter moved to Nakuru, where she tried her luck in hairdressing.

In 2013, she relocated to Kampala to venture into agribusiness. Here, she worked with the government of Uganda under the Wealth Creation Initiative. Thanks to this, she got market for her fertilisers and was allocated land for farming.

“Someone got interested in my Kenyan way of planting maize and thus brought me on board.”

Grace Mwangi's main crop in Uganda is maize. PHOTO| COURTESY

Due to favorable farming conditions in Uganda, Grace managed to battle all the challenges she had experienced before. Within no time, she managed to increase her farmland from 5acres to 100acres. She ended up inspiring even the locals there who managed to adopt her way of farming.

Inspired by the positive turn of events, Grace championed a new project on a 2000-acre farm in Luwero district, Central Uganda, in collaboration between Kenyans and Ugandans.

Made up of 8 Ugandans and 16 Kenyans, they have come up with a new way of doing agriculture. They call it agro revolution/ agro pack. They identify a person with a huge amount of land who becomes their landlord and end up sharing their yields with the landlord as a means of payment.

Just like every other ambitious person, Grace has a dream. That one day, she will expand her farm to not only Uganda, but to the entire East African region. She says that this way, she will be able to promote food security.

Grace Mwangi sells some of her farm produce to Kenya and Uganda. PHOTO| COURTESY

She claims to have received support from the Ugandan government and thus she can do much more.

“We want to enable this group to realize the productive potential it has,” says John Kigula, Land legal consultant, “we should be able to enable them to get larger pieces of land.”

From her experience over the years, she says that one has to be there in the farm every time for his/her farm to yield fruits. Indeed, Grace Mwangi is a unique case of someone who managed to dare the odds.


NAIROBI- It is not a common story when one comes back home after studying or working abroad and still manages to succeed. But Eve Rotich, a Kenyan economist who made a name for herself in USA,  returned to become even a much better person back home. Daring Abroad presenter  Michael Tsimanji visited Eve Rotich in her office in Hulingharm, Nairobi County, to get her full story. 

As is known, not every success comes easy. Eve Rotich lost her father at the age of 6 and was brought up by a single mother in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County. She attended Green Park Primary then later joined Moi Girls’ Eldoret although with a lot of financial challenges.

“Going through high school was the toughest part… I was old enough to understand shortage, but young enough to just not care.”

Eventually, her hard work paid off. She emerged the best girl in her district when she sat for her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education and thus joined the Equity African Leadership Program in 2007. Also, her academic brilliance also attracted the attention of the Kenya Scholar Athlete Project, a program that is interested in talented yet underprivileged children in Kenya. This program was the key to Eve’s journey abroad.

Eve was admitted to Middlebury University in Vermont, USA in 2008 to study Economics and Psychology. Because of the friendly environment she received from other members of KENSAP when she arrived, she managed to settle in quite easily. She graduated in 2013 and immediately started working as a project manager in Vermont. She later relocated to New York. While working in New York she received a call from home that she was urgently needed back home.

“It was nerve raking a little bit. It was a point I wondered, I’m needed home, what am I going to do there?”

In 2016, she relocated back to Kenya without any idea as to what she would do with her life thereafter. She reached out to James Mwangi, Equity Bank CEO, who immediately agreed to give her a helping hand. That way, she became the project manager of Equity Group. Later on, she got a job as a marketer at Kenol Kobil. Her experience abroad has had a great impact on her colleagues who confirm that she is a hard worker.

“She is very persistent in achieving what she wants to achieve.”

It is because of her experience abroad that she is what she is today!


Lavender Amunga contributed to this article. 

NAIROBI- Are you a dog owner? Or do you naturally like dogs for pets and for other reasons? Or do you fear these animals? How conversant are you with proper care for dogs? Well,  this week on The Chamwada Report ,we pitch camp in Kawangware and Dagoretti areas of Nairobi -as case study regions with dogs. To find out more about dogs and how to treat and take good care of them. 

Dogs roam the street due to irresponsible ownership. PHOTO | CHAMS MEDIA

Dogs are friendly animals especially when treated well, given food and just like humans, they too neede medical attention.

Animal experts tell The Chamwada Report that most dogs roam the streets as a result of negligence from their owners. And this comes with risks as stray dogs often attack people not known to them.

Diana Onyango, the executive officer at the Kenya society for protection and care for animals, a charity organization that works on upholding the welfare of animals, says dog owners across the country need to take good care of their animals.

"These stray animals don't come from nowhere," she said.

"They end up in the streets as a result of irresponsible ownership."

Diana Onyango, an animal welfare expert says dogs too deserve humane treatment. PHOTO | CHAMS MED

There are risks associated with poor management of these animals. For instance, attacks if they feel threatened. Another risk which is mostly feared, is rabies, the virus caused by a bite from stray dogs.

Statistics from the animal welfare organization indicate that rabies cause about 59,000 deaths in the world every year with about 24000 of them happening in Africa.

With the population of nearly 100 million dogs in Africa expected to double by 2050, organizations tasked with improving the welfare of these animals are in a race against time to eliminate deaths resulting from rabies. To do that, about 70 per cent of the dog population in Kenya and the continent must be vaccinated.

In the show, vets share their knowledge on rabies, its dangers and why it literally kills within ten days after a bite.

#BetterLivesForDogs hosted by Alex Chamwada, aired Thursday on KTN News at 8:30pm.

Watch the informative show on the video attached.

You can join the conversation online using the hash tag #BetterLivesForDogs.

PARIS- France is one of the most visited countries in the world due to her numerous tourist attraction sites that include the Effel Towers.

Many people believe that they know so much about this country and the capital Paris.

So we visited the city to find out some weird but interesting facts about France as a country. Find out what we discovered in the video attached.

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