He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of CHAMS Media Limited, an independent content provider based in Nairobi, Kenya. He has over the years grown and made a name for himself having over 20 years of experience in television production and reporting. He is a force to reckon!

Alex Chamwada is a household name; a name identified by his shows on Kenya Television Network (KTN) namely Daring Abroad and The Chamwada Report. He has mentored many, inspired a majority and motivated so many youth who aspire to be like him. His hard work has borne fruit on many occasions since Alex is a holder of Order of the Grand Warrior (OGW) state honor.  He is also a fellow of the CNN International Professional Program. He is a food security fellow of the Oklahoma State University, following a study tour that was sponsored by the U.S. State Department in 2011 under the Feed the Future Initiative.

More so, Alex Chamwada is the 2016 TV Environmental Journalist in the Media Council of Kenya Annual Journalism Excellence Awards (AJEA). He is also the Social Media Personality of the Year 2016, OLX Social Media Awards.  In 2013, Alex was crowned by the African Media Initiative as runners-up in Africa’s most prestigious award on food security reporting for his compelling features on large scale farming in Somalia.

And that is not all. Alex Chamwada has this year, 2018, been nominated in the Kalasha International Awards for the category of the Best Host in a TV show. Remember, Kalasha Film and TV Awards is an initiative of the Kenya Film Commission that seeks to recognize talent in the different facets of Film and TV industry. Central to the Commission’s mandate is the promotion of a vibrant local film industry. Through the establishment of a fair and democratic set of regulations for the Awards, the Commission is continuously boosting a vibrant local scene by encouraging healthy competition amongst film makers. This ensures higher levels of good practice within the industry.


The selection process of more than 1000 submissions was carried out by a jury of experts consisting of stakeholders drawn from film industry associations, academics and industry professionals. Hence, it is agreeable that Alex Chamwada is the man to be voted for after being chosen among the 140 nominees in the 32 categories.

The story that made him be nominated is on Drone regulation in Kenya. Knowing this is one interesting story, it is quite true that he should win this award! The voting process commenced on the 17th October and is to end on the 10th November 2018.

To vote, click on the link below:


Let us support Alex Chamwada, the best host in a TV show, in winning this award that he so deserves!

A drone, also known as remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) is an unmanned aerial system which has propellers or fixed wings or both.

Drones have become commonly used equipment in various sectors in Kenya, from and the usage has now attracted the attention of Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, the body mandated to control the movement of aircraft in the country's airspace. 

KCAA wants drone usage in Kenya regulated through a number of policies that include registration of persons owning and using drones, licensing and suspension of illegal or unregistered users. 

But the regulations hit a dead end when the National Assembly through the delegated committee on legislation rejected the proposals in May 2018 citing lack of compliance with the constitution and the parent act.  

On the other hand, drone users in Kenya say the government needs to come up with practical regulations that are not punitive.

The standoff, therefore, leaves both the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority and stakeholders in limbo going forward. So how will these hiatus be fixed?

Is it illegal now to own and use a drone in Kenya?  

And with the regulations rejected,  what awaits importers and operators of drones in the country? And how does drone usage in Kenya compare to other countries? 

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