It is said that success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go. This has been confirmed to be true in regards to one man whose desire to dare abroad eventually came true.

Moffat Andanji is a husband and a father of four. He grew up in Kakamega county where after completing his studies he began his career in clearing and forwarding. However, he had always dreamt of going abroad to further his career. He tried first to go to USA and the next time, to go to Dubai, but all his efforts then proved futile. Still, he did not give up.

An opportunity came when he discovered that to go to South Africa then was visa free and nearer to home. He relocated to South Africa in 1994.

Moffat Andanji, owner of Procet freight shipping company

When he got to South Africa, he worked for the Zambia consolidated copper mines company under their air free department. Later on, he established his own freight company. He had gained enough experience from Kenya and in the first company he worked in while in South Africa. Procet Freight is the name of Moffat’s shipping company located in Johannesburg. He agrees that setting up the business was not an easy task.

Moffat Andanji's shipping company

“My first salary was my startup capital for the company,” he says. Luckily, the people he got to know helped him settle. Also, his determination could not allow him to stop what he had begun. He explains that he has a motivated group of employees who sum up to around 20 people. The company specializes in Southern, Eastern and Central Africa, a clear indication that the company has grown tremendously. Procet Freight has made many partnerships over the recent past and among them is one with Kenya Airways.

Moffat explains that he has also been faced with a number of challenges such as lack of adequate storage space for the cargo, a drop in business after the festive seasons and even theft and break ins. However, he explains that one has to overcome challenges in order to succeed. For him, it is all about being reminded of where he came from and how he ought to make his people back at home proud.

Lastly, he tells people to do things in relation to that which they went to school for, as it will be an added advantage to them. He also says, people should not remain in their comfort zones rather, do everything it takes to make it!

This week we bring you the story of Moffat Andaji, a Kenyan daring in South Africa. Moffat if the CEO of Procet Freight, a shipping company in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Like many Kenyans who have gone abroad, Andaji’s story begins here at home. He was born and raised in Kakamega County. Before settling in South Africa, Moffat had tried his luck daring abroad in the USA and in Dubai.

Our team caught up with him in Johannesburg. He has been here for 24 years now since he relocated in 1994. Upon his arrival, he worked for Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Company under their airfreight department for a while, but unfortunately, the company was sold rendering him jobless.

However, he did not take this lying down and as fate would have it Moffat was inspired to establish his own freight company.

The skills he had acquired back home helped him secure his job and as he puts it, “Kenyans I think the training we receive is a bit superior. We look down upon it but I believe so and I think we are some of the most hardworking people in the world.”

Like in any other business, Andaji had a lot of challenges starting out but has been able to grow. Today, the company handles freight from different parts of the region.

One of the main enablers in his kind of trade is partnerships one of which is with Kenya Airways. “We are one of their major supporters and we do a lot with them especially into Africa where they are strong…so we’ve got a fantastic relationship with them” he says.

Moffat attributes his growth to the exposure he has received working in South Africa. He adds that the experience has helped build his character.

Here is his advice to Kenyans wishing to start businesses in the diaspora, “my advice is you do something in relation to what you went to school for it gives you an advantage”.

Catch his story this Saturday at 9:45pm on both @ktnnews and @ktnkenya channels with Michael tsimangi and Alex Chamwada . A ChamsMedia production for KTN News.


This story was written by Emmanuel Yegon for Chams Media Digital. 

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