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How rice farming changed the face of Mwea Tebere

August 16, 2018
Collins Ogutu
for Chams Media Digital

KIRINYAGA COUNTY- Mwea Tebere irrigation scheme has grown in leaps and bounds. Once a small center that served as a detention camp for the Mau Mau detainees in early 1950s, Mwea Tebere has turned into a gold mine for locals of Kirinyaga County thanks to fruitful rice farming and the ever rising demand across the country.

Statistics indicate that about 95 per cent of rice in Kenya is grown under irrigation in paddy schemes managed by the National Irrigation Board (NIB). And Mwea Tebere is the largest rice irrigation scheme in the country, producing over 50% of the local rice.

Here is the sneak peek to tonight's show:

Rice farming here is lucrative but challenging. It is a venture that has transformed lives of many locals both economically and socially.

Banks and other financial institutions have become familiar with Mwea Tebere, an indication of the productivity of the business in the area.

But the journey hasn't been without its fair share of challenges. From unpredictable weather conditions to brokers minting cash from unsuspecting farmers, among others.

This Thursday, the Chamwada Report show pitched camp in Mwea Tebere, Kirinyaga County to dig deep into the impact of rice farming, challenges and the way forward.


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