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The State of Nairobi River

April 28, 2016
for Chams Media Digital

The Nairobi river basin comprises Ngong river, Mathare river, and Nairobi river. The three join east of the city beyond which the three rivers join the Athi River eventually flowing into Tana River, which further flows into the Indian ocean.

The basin covers an area of 70,000 square kilometres, which is about the size of the former coast province. The state of the rivers has been a subject of concern among...

city residents. It is one that needs quick response to the save the once vibrant ecosystems. CHAMS Media sought to find out the situation within and around the river, and the state is dire.

The First Episode of the Chamwada Report titled River In Waste focused on the solid waste menace. The City County seems to be overwhelmed when it comes to solid waste management. A spot check along Nairobi river shows the river is chocking with solid waste meaning dumping of waste in the river is the order of the day.

Mr. Abwao, who lectures at Kenyatta University and has done research about the Nairobi River Basin terms the river as a dead ecosystem.

This episode is available on our YouTube Channel:

Another major issue that arose while traversing the river basin is the rate of encroachments on the riparian reserve. The Ministry of Environment estimates that about 56 percent of city residents live in 46 highly congested informal and middle class settlements normally located along the river banks.

In a study conducted by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in 2003, the Nairobi river basin was termed as the most polluted river basin in Kenya despite the fact that it supports 50 percent of Kenya’s manufacturing and service enterprises.

This is heavily attributed to encroachments and lack of adequate waste management practices.

This was the subject of the second episode of The Chamwada Report River In Waste

A complete episode is available on our YouTube Channel:

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