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What to look out for in the Global Disability Summit

July 2, 2017
for Chams Media Digital

The Global Disability Summit is set to take place on 24th July 20, 2018 at the Olympic Park in London. The event, which will be covered by Chams Media, your authoritative independent media production Company seeks to address the myriad of challenges that persons with disability face across the world.  The Summit also seeks to create awareness on disability cases in the world and encourage stakeholders to identify gaps in the sector.

On Thursday, we reviewed the Global Disability Summit on KTN News and will be co-hosted by Kenya for the first time. A delegation of Kenyan Cabinet Secretaries has also been dispatched to the one-day event as Kenya seeks more recognition and support for the 6.5 million persons with disability in the country.

In the preview, Alex Chamwada delved into the details of the Summit, revealing the gaps and challenges faced by persons with disability in Kenya.  This event is organized by the Henry Wanyoike Foundation whose founder is Kenyan runner Henry Wanyoike who has excelled in various races.

Kenyan team to attend the summit

Cabinet Secretary for Labour and Social Protection Ukur Yatani leads the Kenyan delegation to the summit and says it is a testimony of the bondage between Kenya and the United Kingdom.

“Historically, we share so much and we are grateful to share the same platform and address the world from one platform. It will cover significant areas on addressing stigma and discrimination, economic empowerment and education inclusion,” Yatani said.

The Cabinet Secretary for Transport Infrastructure, Urban Development and Housing James Macharia whose ministry is crucial to disability inclusion is also among the delegation. It is estimated that Kenya has a total of 6.5 million persons with disability need proper infrastructural development.

Henry Rotich, the Cabinet Secretary in charge of the Treasury will also attend the summit as it aims to address the gaps in disability inclusion and government’s commitment to the same in terms of finances.

What persons with disability say

Over 6.5 million Kenyans live with a disability and the summit aims to create self-assessment regarding the commitment to disability inclusion. The Global Disability Summit will also offer stakeholders opportunities to share success stories and to celebrate persons with disability who have made accomplishments in various fields.

Henry Wanyoike whose foundation will organize the Summit says it is important to emulate other countries’ approach to helping persons with disability.

“I thought it is good we start something similar to what I have done in other countries and to show people in my area that they can also make it,” he said.

As the Global Disability Summit seek to address the gaps and challenges in the sector, persons with disability in Kenyan learning institution face numerous challenges. Alice Wairimu, a person with disability at Uthiru High School Nairobi, says the going is not smooth.

“There is this time I went to get enrolled to a school enrollment at a school but they could not enroll me because of my height. That for me was a bit disappointing but I had to understand because discrimination still exists,” she said.

Adding that, “In most places you find chairs that are high and if I’m not able to get on top and someone helps me to get on top, my legs are still hanging.”

Alice’s challenges are just part of what the Global Disability Summit in London will address.

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