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Why are alumni groups so important to the society?

November 23, 2018
Collins Ogutu
for Chams Media Digital

ELDORET- This week's Chamwada Report show focuses on the role of alumni groups in various learning institutions but with a special focus on Moi University. The institution boasts of a rich population of alumni group that joined the university in 1988 and graduated in 1992.

They then came together courtesy of an idea from two or three people but the number has since grown to about 300 registered members  out of the 1000 students who graduated in that year.  Chams Media Chief Executive Officer, Alex Chamwada who joined the university in 1992, is also a member of that group.

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In this report, we feature former comrades of Moi University who share their past experiences at the university which has now developed into a more modern, tech-savvy institution. And many of them had just turned 50 years off age!

The event was full of pomp and colour and was officiated  by former vice chancellor Prof. Shellemiah Okoth Kenya, who was the second vice chancellor at Moi University between 1988 and 1994.

Watch more about the alumni groups, how they are formed and why they are an integral part of the society.


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