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Why dogs deserve humane treatment

September 20, 2018
Collins Ogutu
for Chams Media Digital

NAIROBI- Are you a dog owner? Or do you naturally like dogs for pets and for other reasons? Or do you fear these animals? How conversant are you with proper care for dogs? Well,  this week on The Chamwada Report ,we pitch camp in Kawangware and Dagoretti areas of Nairobi -as case study regions with dogs. To find out more about dogs and how to treat and take good care of them. 

Why dogs deserve humane treatment 1

Dogs roam the street due to irresponsible ownership. PHOTO | CHAMS MEDIA

Dogs are friendly animals especially when treated well, given food and just like humans, they too neede medical attention.

Animal experts tell The Chamwada Report that most dogs roam the streets as a result of negligence from their owners. And this comes with risks as stray dogs often attack people not known to them.

Diana Onyango, the executive officer at the Kenya society for protection and care for animals, a charity organization that works on upholding the welfare of animals, says dog owners across the country need to take good care of their animals.

"These stray animals don't come from nowhere," she said.

"They end up in the streets as a result of irresponsible ownership."

Why dogs deserve humane treatment 2

Diana Onyango, an animal welfare expert says dogs too deserve humane treatment. PHOTO | CHAMS MED

There are risks associated with poor management of these animals. For instance, attacks if they feel threatened. Another risk which is mostly feared, is rabies, the virus caused by a bite from stray dogs.

Statistics from the animal welfare organization indicate that rabies cause about 59,000 deaths in the world every year with about 24000 of them happening in Africa.

With the population of nearly 100 million dogs in Africa expected to double by 2050, organizations tasked with improving the welfare of these animals are in a race against time to eliminate deaths resulting from rabies. To do that, about 70 per cent of the dog population in Kenya and the continent must be vaccinated.

In the show, vets share their knowledge on rabies, its dangers and why it literally kills within ten days after a bite.

#BetterLivesForDogs hosted by Alex Chamwada, aired Thursday on KTN News at 8:30pm.

Watch the informative show on the video attached.

You can join the conversation online using the hash tag #BetterLivesForDogs.

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