NAIROBI, KENYA - Chams Media is delighted to renew its partnership with Nation Media Group that will see the ‘Daring Abroad’ show air on NTV Kenya for another year. 

The partnership was first penned at the most unlikely period in the wake of the Covid19 pandemic in 2020.  

The backbone of this relationship is the popular and unmatched Daring Abroad series that features Kenyans who have ventured abroad and other nationalities. The show has grown in leaps and bounds both on TV and online. We have a captive audience across the world. An audience that wants inspiration, information and entertainment away from the normal content. 

The show is not just about what Kenyans are doing abroad or Majuu as some would say. It has evolved to showcase linkages between abroad and home. We have showcased captivating stories about skills and knowledge transfer as well as investment opportunities abroad and back home.

According to the Central Bank of Kenya, Kenyans living abroad sent home about a 300billion Kenya shillings in the year 2020 despite the covid19 pandemic. That sends a strong message that indeed the diaspora means a lot to Kenya. That cash goes a long way in transforming livelihoods back home. In this partnership, we have also collaborated very well in news content sharing which the NTV Kenya editorial can attest to.  

This partnership has taught us that content is king. It has also taught us that content is business. We have also learnt that there is a growing audience that wants inspiration. Through Daring Abroad, we have taken our views around the world from the comfort of their living rooms or at the click of a button. From London to Goma City in DRC, Accra to Dubai, Arusha to Seychelles to name a few. 

As we enter the second phase of the series, covering another one year journey, we promise to make the show even more entertaining, informative and inspiring. We are rebranding our local segment in the show to BACK HOME – A segment that seeks to reconnect Kenyans living abroad with their motherland.


Your Excellency Josphat Koli Nanok, Governor of Turkana, David Juma, Deputy County Commissioner Turkana, James Ikienyi MCA Kanamkemer Ward, Rev Simon Loote, all protocols observed.

Today is a historic day in our journey to position ourselves right in the heart of the cradle of mankind as we launch our first ever regional office away from Nairobi.

It gives me great pleasure to invite you all to this launch that sends a signal that Turkana county and the entire region are ripe for investment. Your presence is a clear statement of your confidence in Chams Media work.

We are not new in Turkana, for we have produced and aired several eye-catching, inspiration, informative and engaging features about the county, away from the normal news narrative that tends to concentrate on problems. For us, opening this office is a step further in our vision to position ourselves in this region that has many positive untold stories. We will traverse the entire North Rift region whose population is about 10 million. The region is goldmine of interesting stories in various sectors including trade, tourism, environment, agriculture, culture, sports and peace building.

Our aim is turn our lenses on the entire eight counties of the region, namely, Turkana, Samburu, West Pokot, Elgeyo Marakwet, Uasin Gishu, Nandi and Baringo.

Devolution has brought visible social economic transformation in the so called marginalized areas of Kenya. Why not devolve content creation too?

You can find our content on our digital platforms including Chams Media TV YouTube channel. We produce documentaries, features, infomercials and commercials.

We are ready to partner with government entities, NGOs, religious organizations, media organizations and the private sector at large to produce and distribute content that transforms lives.

We have the state of the art technology and a competent team in Lodwar which will be supported by the team at our headquarters in Nairobi.

We also aim to contribute to promotion of talent in the region. Indeed it is already happening. We have nurtured local talent in various fields from videography to research, scripting and reporting.

Let’s grow together!

Thank you!

NAIROBIChams Media in partnership with Co-operative Bank of Kenya on Tuesday, March 16th at 6.45 pm launched a new weekly show on Nation Media Group's NTV Kenya.

The show titled Ushirika is a 10-minute docu-series that features trends in Kenya's cooperative movement.

The premiere show was about 2NK, a registered Matatu Savings and Credit Cooperative Society whose members have benefitted from the support of Co-operative Bank of Kenya.

Speaking about the new show, Chams Media chief executive officer Alex Chamwada said the partnership is yet another huge step forward for the Company.

"This is yet another game-changer as we continue to produce more development-oriented content," he said.

The series will also highlight the role of Co-operative Bank of Kenya in cooperative movement.

According to the National Transport and Safety Authority, NTSA, there were over 700 registered Matatu Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies as of Mid-March 2021.

Statistics from Matatu Owners Association indicate that matatus in Kenya move about seven million passengers daily, and has a turnover of about 300 billion shillings per annum.

The law demands that all matatus be operated under a Sacco or a limited company. Matatus in the country employing over thousands of drivers besides many others who have been employed in the sector.

Of the 700 registered Matatu Saccos, over 500, including 2NK, bank with Cooperative Bank of Kenya.

Chams Media has over the years made a name as the go-to media Company for production of informative, inspiring documentaries and feature stories.

According to head of production Justus Ndichu, this is just the beginning.

“We are excited to keep producing shows that Kenyans can learn from, we are happy to contribute to the socio-economic development of this country, and Ushirika is just but another step in our journey of producing transformational content, and we are proud to make it,” he said.

Season one of Ushirika will air for 13 weeks.

Chams Media's Daring Abroad show also runs on NTV Kenya.


Here’s the link to episode one;


Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy today as we start a new journey with the Nation Media Group.

Let begin by saying our goal at CHAMS Media to produce informative and inspiring content that transforms lives. We think we live we dream happy stories or call them feel-good stories. We produce unmatched documentaries and features. Daring Abroad is one such product. It focuses on people who have ventured beyond the borders of their home countries in various fields including entrepreneurship, leadership, education, sports, and culture. Simply, people, it is about those who have dared live, work, or do business abroad and how that has impacted on their lives. We live in a global village.

Daring Abroad has captured the imagination of audiences not only in Kenya but across the world. It has become a club where people source inspiration, business ideas, networks, exposure, and knowledge. The experience of a Nigerian teacher in Seychelles may not be the same as that of a Kenyan teacher’s experience in London but when those experiences are shared whether positive or negative, they not only enrich the profession but also showcase our unlimited boundaries and potentials.

Daring Abroad has been along for five years. It is now re-loaded with two fresh segments. There is Kenya to The World that traces the value chain in Kenya’s products making it to the global market and My Magical Kenya in which the presenter, yours truly will be sharing his experiential journeys in Kenya.

Our goal blends well with Nation Media Group’s aspiration which is to empower by informing, educating, and engaging our diverse audience

On behalf of the CHAMS Media, I humbly and sincerely thank the Nation TV for giving us the opportunity to partner with them as the broadcaster of Daring Abroad. NTV like other Nation Media Group platforms is a strong brand in current affairs in Kenya and the region.

We look forward to a fruitful relationship. The journey towards this relationship ironically began at the most unexpected time. While everything looked gloomy and vague, due to the Corona Virus crisis in March 2020, talks for this partnership began with both parties seeing the potential of this program with COVID or not. Those talks have yielded what we are doing today. Putting pen to paper. And the icing on the cake is the MOU we are signing alongside the Daring Abroad agreement, to share news content.

The plane has taken off

Thank you very much!


When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country in March 2020, many companies closed thus rendering many Kenyans jobless. Other small businesses also had difficulties staying afloat with measures such as lockdown and dusk to dawn curfew put in place.

Therefore, to cushion the most vulnerable members of the community, the Kenya government put in place social protection measures such as the cash transfer program through which beneficiaries earn Ksh. 1000 per week.

Kazi Mtaani was another program that was introduced as a source of livelihood to the Kenyan youth who were hard hit by the effects of the pandemic. In our latest documentary #LesseningTheBurden, we spoke to stakeholders and beneficiaries to understand the trickle-down effect (if at all) of the two programs.

Michuki Memorial Park is a significant, historically rich recreational facility that is undergoing renovation all thanks to concerted efforts of the Ministry of Environment, the Kenya Forest Service, the Nairobi Metropolitan Services, among other stakeholders.

Michuki Memorial Park is situated along Nairobi River between Globe Cinema roundabout and the far end of Uhuru Highway.

The park is a monumental legacy of former minister for environment and Natural Resources the late John Michuki who passed on in 2012. Michuki Park's story is that nothing is impossible. For the last four months, the park has been undergoing a tremendous transformation that has given it a whole new look.

Click this link: to watch our latest documentary.

Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation Joseph Wairagu has once again issued a stern warning to cartels involved in fleecing the water sector in Nairobi and other regions.

Speaking in Kiambu County on Tuesday, The PS said the Ministry is well aware of the cartels who have been drying taps especially in Nairobi and other major towns in the country, and they are drafting measures to put an end to the menace which has deprived of many Kenyans the ease to access clean and safe water.

Water Cartels Now Living on Borrowed Time, PS Joseph Wairagu Warns 1

The PS confirmed that registration of all water bowsers is ongoing.


Residents of Nairobi City County, for instance, have had major water challenges, with some estates going without water for up to weeks and even months due to rationing and malicious interruption of water supply.

“The government is working on measures to operationalize the water sector and that will happen very soon, and we have mapped out all the water browsers, we want to use an app so that we can track them,” said the PS while commissioning the Minja Nyakabugi Water Project in Githunguri, Kiambu County.

Water Cartels Now Living on Borrowed Time, PS Joseph Wairagu Warns 2

The Water Project was put up at a cost of KSh. 6M. PHOTO| COLLINS KIPRONO | AWWDA

He added that once the digitization process which will also happen in other Counties is complete, the cartels will be completely locked out of their shoddy business.

“Water services will be like the digital taxi (Uber) services and it is just a matter of time before we catch up with these cartels and kick them out,” said the PS.

The Minja Nyakabugi Water project was funded by the national government to a tune of Ksh. 6 million through the water for schools program and will benefit about 2500 people in Githunguri Constituency. It was implemented by the Athi Water Works Development Agency (AWWDA).

Water Cartels Now Living on Borrowed Time, PS Joseph Wairagu Warns 3

More than 2000 residents of Githunguri are set to benefit from the Minja Nyakabugi Water Project. PHOTO| COLLINS KIPRONO | AWWDA

Mr. Wairagu directed Athi Water Works Development Agency to increase water distribution networks in the area and sort out issues of sewerage for Ginthunguri. He also requested the support of the residents and stakeholders in the implementation of Ruiru II Dam in Githunguri which will serve Ruiru, Juja, and Nairobi.

The PS was accompanied by the area MP, Hon. Gabriel Kago Mukuha, Athi Water Works Chief Manager Water and Sanitation Infrastructure Development – Eng. Joseph Kamau and other Senior Officials

After 99 days of shutdown, the Kenyan air space finally opened Wednesday, July, 15th 2020 for domestic flights which were officially launched at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), presided over by Cabinet Secretary for Transport, James Macharia.

KQ boss' opinion on social distancing in planes as local flights resume 4

Transport CS James Macharia flagging off a KQ flight to Mombasa. PHOTO| COLLINS KWALA

President Uhuru Kenyatta had a fortnight ago, ordered that local flights resume in a bid to revive the Kenyan economy which has been hit hard by the Corona Virus pandemic. However, one of the major concerns hovering around the resumption of the flights was the safety of passengers and crew as planes move from one point to another.

The Kenya Airports Authority and other stakeholders in the sector had insisted that as a matter of urgency and for the safety of everyone, all measures had to be put in place before aircraft could be cleared for take-off to any destination across the country. Some of the measures include wearing of facemasks at all times while at airports and airstrips, temperature checks, and social distancing before boarding.

KQ boss' opinion on social distancing in planes as local flights resume 5

Kenya Airports Authority Acting Director Alex Gitari assured passengers of their safety. PHOTO| COLLINS KWALA| CHAMS MEDIA

And it is the latter that had elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans, with some questioning the rationale behind allowing passengers to sit closely in an aircraft while the same is not allowed in public transport vehicles and even the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

According to Kenya Airways Chief Executive Officer Allan Kilavuka, aircrafts are designed in such a way that it is safer to sit closely next to each other than in any other mode of transport, and even in a hospital environment.  Kilavuka opines that air circulation in the cabin is near perfect, hence, it is fresh for everyone.

“The way the aircraft is designed in terms of air circulation and filtration system is even better than the hospital environment, and even in terms of design, the way the seating arrangements are, you almost have a shield between you and the person seated in front of you,” said Kilavuka.

He however emphasized the need for strict adherence to other preventive measures such as wearing facemasks at all times while aboard a plane even though he believes that the risks of transmission in the cabin are significantly reduced.

KQ boss' opinion on social distancing in planes as local flights resume 6

Kenya Airways CEO Allan Kilavuka. PHOTO| COLLINS KWALA | CHAMS MEDIA

The way the manufacturers have designed air circulation is that it moves from up going down and out through filters, so it has reduced the risks. Indeed, there might be some risk between people sitting next to each other but remember we are requiring people to also wear face masks,” Kilavuka added.

Kenya Airways launched its local flights on Wednesday with two flights per day on the Nairobi – Mombasa route while one flight per day set for Kisumu – Nairobi route.

“We came up with a robust protocol that would ensure that as far as possible you do not have a chance of catching the Corona Virus in the airport or aviation ecosystem,” said Gilbert Kibe, Director General of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority.

In May 2020, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said in an economics chart that social distancing would cripple most airlines despite the types of aircraft or capacity.

“Depending on the aircraft type and the seat configuration, social distancing could reduce the available seat capacity by 33-50%. And when such policies are pursued, the seat load factor of an aircraft is artificially capped,” read the IATA chart, in part.

Residents of Dandora Estate and other informal settlements in Nairobi are set to benefit from free water, the government has announced. The effort is aimed at increasing water supply in high population areas during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Principal Secretary Ministry of Water & Sanitation accompanied by the Nairobi Metropolitan Services Director General Major General Mohammed Badi said the Government will ensure that taps have a continuous supply of water.

“The clean water will be provided for free to all the residents and the water kiosks will be operated and managed by the organized Community-Based Organizations within the area." Said PS Irungu

Athi Water Works Development Agency

From left, Major General Mohammed Badi; DG Nairobi Metropolitan Services, Joseph Irungu; PS. Ministry of Water, Eng. Michael Thuita; CEO Athi Water Works Development Agency (AWWDA) and Eng. Joseph Kamau from AWWDA inspects one of the water projects in Mathare. PHOTO| CHAMS MEDIA

The Gitari Marigu Water Supply Project is one of the 20 boreholes and 51 elevated tanks being implemented by the Athi Water Works Development Agency as part of the interventions that will see additional water supply to the informal settlements.

The areas set to benefit from this initiative include Kibera, Mukuru, Kawangware, Kayole Soweto, Korogocho, Mathare, Kangemi, and Dandora.

The borehole which is producing 384,000 litres per day will serve 6,000 residents of that area.


Report by Elijah Mwangi.

NAIROBI - Kenya Airways on Thursday dispatched a cargo flight in their 787 Dreamliner passenger aircraft from Nairobi to London, loaded with 40,000 kgs of fresh agricultural produce. KQ said the initiative to convert four wide-body passenger aircraft to fit cargo operations is aimed at reducing the impact of COVID-19 on operations.

The flight, which departed Nairobi's JKIA at 10 am Thursday, is in addition to KQ 2764 – a Boeing 787 Dreamliner which took off from Nairobi to Johannesburg on Sunday 12 April 2020, packed with medical supplies and other essential items.

KQ steps up cargo services 7

Kenya Airways Dreamliner crew. PHOTO | CHAMS MEDIA

The Corona Virus pandemic has led to a drastic fall in demands for passenger flights as countries battle to curb the spread of the deadly disease. This has however led to a significant increase in cargo flights throughout the globe.

"There is a demand for cargo aircraft across the world and we will continue to play our part by keeping essential supplies moving during this time. Some of our grounded passenger aircraft will, therefore, complement the work of the cargo freighters to facilitate this," KQ said in a statement.

The airline aims to be among the catalysts of economic growth during the coronavirus pandemic and says it will play a role in the rebound, one step at a time.

"Looking at the entire value chain when it comes to producing what was uplifted today, we are pleased to be supporting the different players in that chain and will continue to do so as part of our purpose which is, contributing to the sustainable development of Africa," KQ's statement further reads.

Kathleen Kang'ethe, the lead captain for the London trip said while the coronavirus pandemic has almost halted every operation throughout the world, there is still hope.

“I have been with Kenya Airways for 19 years I joined in 2001... The crisis, unfortunately, has brought everything pretty much to a standstill, but we are able to continue with cargo business. I’m happy to be flying the Dreamliner to London carrying agricultural produce and flowers, let’s keep hope alive," she said.

More on the vídeo below

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